Update - Separated by Color / by Nick Karalexis

Over the last week, I worked on exporting images with only one color channel active, in order to create multiple tracks. I’ve also tried many different encoding algorithms to see how they affect the output audio.

I used photoshop to separate out the Red, Green and Blue channels of the image as raw data.

First, Photoshop files were decoded, and the raw data is encoded as audio. This method was not successful, I couldn’t get anything that didn’t sound like white noise.

One track uploaded is raw data, exported from photoshop (.psraw) with the right channel as the “blue image” and the left channel as the “green image”.

The other track is PS files exported as Bitmaps, which created some interesting sounds.

I also messed with pushing sound to the ring of 8 in West 118, but someone messed up the routing table on the X32, and I got sad.